Kawai K3 Upright Piano

The Kawai K3 is made in Japan (that’s a good thing!) so can be expected to give great performance for a good number of years. The only thing to say against it is that it is only 122cm tall and so is just short of the magic 130cm (and above) mark where pianos really start to sound as good as grand pianos due to their longer strings and larger soundboards.

The K3 RRP is up above £5000 for this piano although you can probably get one for at least 10% less with good haggling (new prices are rarely fixed).  If you have this sort of budget I would suggest looking at some of the popular 130cm+ options such as a Yamaha U3 (131cm) or any of the Kawai pianos of that size as long as they are 130cm+

Remember you will always get a higher quality piano when buying 2nd hand or reconditioned compared with brand new.  If you could have a brand new Ford Ka or a low mileage Ford Mondeo for the same price, which do you think is the better car? The same is true with many piano comparisons.