Kawai K15 Upright Piano

Too Small?

This is an entry level piano designed to get your through your first couple of grades. It is 110cm tall so don’t rely on it to produce as smooth or rich a tone as a piano that is 120cm tall, ideally you should consider something around the 130cm mark. 

Made in Indonesia

The Kawai K15 is made in Indonesia which is why the price is relatively low for a new piano. Japanese made pianos are usually considered to be of a higher build quality with a higher quality of sound so you may want to consider looking at some pianos made in those locations. On the plus side this piano does have a solid spruce soundboard as opposite to the plywood soundboard used in many cheaply made pianos.

Better alternative

Look to the very popular Yamaha U1 (121cm) and Yamaha U3 (131cm) pianos if you want a high quality, Japanese piano that will last through to grade 8 and beyond.

Kawai K15 upright piano