Miki Pianos

More research is needed into these pianos but they appear to have been made by Yamaha and licensed out to a company who chose to put the name “Miki” on them. Therefore, you should expect Yamaha quality from any Miki piano that you come across.

I am not sure which Yamaha models were licensed out but hopefully it was some good models such as the Yamaha U1 or perhaps the Yamaha U3 which are of course top level pianos.

I have ordered a Miki Model 2 upright which is 126cm tall which I’m expecting to be similar to a Yamaha U2. It should be in stock with me soon so please check www.markgoodwinpianos.co.uk¬†for more details. I’ll also update this page when it arrives in stock.

More research is needed on this one. Email me at markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com if you have any info to add.