Eavestaff MiniPiano

The Eavestaff minipiano is a very popular piano because of it’s compact size. I have stocked a good number of Eavestaff pianos. They fall into 2 camps: (1) The very good ones and (2) The very bad ones. There isn’t really a middle ground. 

Eavestaff Minipiano Royale

Musicality This is the good one. The Eavestaff Minipiano Royale kicks out a surprisingly strong and warm tone. I have often sat at one and been surprised at the high quality tone produced. The action usually feels good, not too light and not too heavy, not stiff and not slack. Just right.
Cabinet The main drawback is that it is quite an ugly piano. Some people can live with it but most people take one look and say “I’m not having that one!!” and move on to the next piano.
Value In a private sale you might fetch as much as £500 – £600 if the condition is excellent and the right person comes along. If selling to a piano shop you should expect to attract offers of around £100 – £200. Some established high street shops sell these for over £1000.
And here it is:

Eavestaff Minipiano Pianette 

Musical Quality This one is the bad one. It looks nice, in fact it looks very nice. If only it would produce a good sound and have a good action it would be the perfect piano, every home would have one and the world would be a much better place. Sadly, it’s a terrible terrible piano with a weak tone and a very poor quality action. I had one in my living room for a year or so and it did a great job of holding the telephone and the Yellow Pages but as a piano it was a big let down. 
Maintenance And it gets worse. If you mention an Eavestaff Minipiano Pianette to a piano tuner you will hear them take a sharp intake of breath as they remember many failed attempted to tune this hideous model. So you shouldn’t really try to buy one cheap in the hope of hiring a technician to spend 30 minutes tweaking it back up to a top level piano that it never was. 
Different Tuning Pin Designs Apparently there are 2 different pianette pianos, one has tuning pins that are very inaccessible making it a nightmare to tune and another which have tuning pins in a slightly more sensible location. Either way, no piano technician enjoys tuning or tweaking an Eavestaff Minipiano Pianette, so bear that in mind before you are tempted to outbid the current high bidder at £6.45 on eBay.
Value These pianos really do have very little value. If you have one to get rid of you might as well offer it for free to a friend or neighbour. Even piano shops struggle to achieve good prices for these models. If you really do want to buy one of these you should be able to get one on eBay for less than £50 but remember it could cost you 4 times that amount to get it delivered. 
And here is what it looks like:

Art Deco Eavestaff MiniPiano Pianette

There are a few different cabinet designs available include some very nice art deco ones with chrome trim. The value is not usually increased significantly by these extra cabinet features but if the right buyer turns up it can help you get a better price.