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 +====Kaiser Pianos====
 +More research is needed on this line of pianos but what I do know is that they are made in Japan, appear to be of a high quality and are quite possibly made by Yamaha in their Hamamatsu factory. I am just trying to figure this out for certain and will update this page when I have more information.
 +There is a very exciting chance that these pianos could be exactly the same as a Yamaha U1 but with a different name above the keys.
 +I have just ordered a Kaiser K1H which is the exact same height as a Yamaha U1 so I'm expecting it to be exactly the same as a Yamaha U1. I am guessing that the "​H"​ part of the K1H is a similar age indicator as found on the U1H, meaning it would be from the 1970s. More on that later
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